All Possible Futures: Unrealized Archive #3 Large Format
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All Possible Futures: Unrealized Archive #3 Large Format

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All Possible Futures: Unrealized Archive uncovers “unrealized” graphic design projects that consumed many hours—sometimes years—of work, but were never produced. These fascinating proposals—ranging in form from PDFs to photos, dummies, models, and sketches—remain unmade but are deserving of serious discussion. Unlike in architecture and product design, where “unbuilt” or “speculative” work is forefronted as an important subject of critical discourse, most of these projects have until now been buried in flat files or deep in hard-drive storage. We are intrigued by the possibility of making innovative but unrealized graphic design concepts visible to the public and available for critical discussion. What would our discipline look like if unrealized work was treated as a legitimate area of inquiry? We will continue to collect such projects, publishing a new issue once a year, making this an ever-growing archive.

Issue #3: Large Formatwill feature unrealized works that explore extreme scale in some way. 

Issue #3 included projects by:
Sigrid Calon
Haeri Chung (aka SUPER SALAD)
James Goggin / Practise
Robert J. Kett
Mathew Kneebone
Na Kim
Leonardo Sonnoli and Irene Bacchi

This project began as a part of the 2014 exhibition All Possible Futures,but now lives on in this publication.

Editors: Christopher Hamamoto and Jon Sueda
Copy Editor: Lindsey Westbrook
Korean Translation: Yejin Cho
Design: Christopher Hamamoto and Jon Sueda
Printed by: Stripe
Typeface design: Lÿno by Karl Nawrot and Radim Peško, and F Grotesk by Radim Peško

(12) 11 x 17 in. Risograph Prints
 in 2 colors, + screen printed static shielding bag
printed in English and Korean
Edition of 100